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Welcome to Cat Pants Studio! Our name came from one of the twelve or so nicknames for Furdinand Gettys, a gray tabby with lots of personality who works hard to make every design a success, whether he's sleeping across  the computer keyboard while Sara tries to design, or supervising the office from a perch in the window.


We're a small studio in Olympia, Washington with a goal to create cheeky art that marries a love of the northwest with the sass of the south. We like cats. And raccoons. And slugs. And, of course, stationery and DIY projects. And beer. And burritos. Although you can't find beer and burritos on this site, you're on your own for those. Although you could carry a burrito in one of these bags. Or send cards while drinking beer and petting cats...Anyway, we hope you enjoy the work and find something to make you smile on our pages.