About Us


And welcome to Cat Pants Studio. Funny name, you might say. Well, the name was inspired by this guy:


Furdinand Gettys, who has a lot of nicknames: Cat Muffin, Furd-nado, Furdinando Cat Pants...you get the idea. I decided to name this company after him because he embodies everything I'd like this company to represent. He's cute and adorable. He's also got a bite (although mostly when playing). He's approachable and makes friends with just about everybody. He doesn't take much very seriously. He likes himself. He loves life.

I'm his human and the designer behind Cat Pants Studio. I live in beautiful Olympia, WA and have been obsessed with stationery most of my life. I started this company because I wanted to create designs that would make people smile. I love making things -- bookshelves, pillows, a good meal, party invitations, tables, photographs, messes...you name it. Cat Pants Studio is a way for me to share my designs with you!

After nearly a year in the works, Cat Pants Studio launched in 2015.

We are small, but we are mighty.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us!

-- Sara Gettys and Furdinand Gettys